Nov-Dec update

We held a successful AGM in the Cullen Community Centre on 22 November. After 5 years of excellent service, Andy Savory retired from his current role, but we are delighted to have appointed Ellen Spurge as our new Treasurer.

On the programme front, there are several in the pipeline, including a 'History of Buckie' and a 'Vinyl Revival' exploration. Meanwhile, why don't you 'Spare a thoct' and review the fantastic Doric songs CD by local lads Ed Devlin and Ronnie Thain available on our Home Page. It's well worth a listen! Ron and Bosie have made another singalong nursery rhyme podcast targeted at young children and people with dementia. And Ellis herself has done a short podcast about Cullen Pet Cemetery.  Also on the Home Page, Tam T has made the next 'Down the Decades' programme, which combines well known songs with local history. Tam's next one is already in the making. Chairman Nick conducts an entertaining and informative interview about Portknockie with local heritage members, whilst  Ron, Tam and Chris have created a fun 'Homemade Jam' musical podcast.

In our 'More Programmes' sections, there's also an informative and interesting heritage interview with Peter Reid on the history of the Portgordon area, Gav Troon's fabulous 'Scottish Show' series, and much more. Check them all out. 

If you fancy contributing in some way to Radio Buckie, even if it's just raising awareness, please don't hesitate to get in touch using our contact email address.